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Hookup 999 The cadmium sulfide cell, or cad cellular, belongs to the primary control system and it is always feeling

Hookup 999 The cadmium sulfide cell, or cad cellular, belongs to the primary control system and it is always feeling

the existence of the oil burner flame. The cad cellular assembly is made from the cell, a holder, and cord to connect the mobile with the major regulation. This detector was attached floating around tubing on the burner in such a way on sight the flame.

The cad cellular is made from a cadmium sulfide coated porcelain disk with a conductive grid over its exterior. Electrodes were attached to this exterior, and the mobile is actually enclosed in glass to safeguard they. The cad mobile in darkness has a really high effectiveness the movement of electric recent. Yet, during the position of visible light, it has an extremely low resistance. For a properly adjusted burner, during procedure, the cad cellular resistance need about 300-1000 ohms, but not more than 1600 ohms. A resistance above 1600 ohms signals difficulty which should be remedied.


To comprehend tips diagnose the cad cellular, you will need to basic know how the control operates.

Initially, the controls need to have a higher opposition across the F-F terminals (cad mobile does not feel visible light) before it will try to begin the burner. In the event that cad cell senses light or is shorted, the relay into the main controls wont pull in to start the burner. Once the burner are operating while the flame is initiated, the cad cell need to have a minimal weight (cad cell realizing flame) maintain the primary regulation from locking from safety.

Symptom #1

Can you imagine the burner don’t starting therefore the cad cell is suspected? The process for solving this dilemma might possibly be earliest to make certain the thermostat is actually demanding heat which there’s line current towards the regulation. Next pull one contribute for the cad cell from the F-F terminals. In the event the serwis randkowy dla baptystГіw burner starts, this suggests that the cad cellular are often seeing external light inside the casing, cad mobile cable become pinched, the set up try shorted, and/or cellular is flawed. You may want to shield the cell from additional light, restoration pinched cable, or place in a brand new cad cellular.

Sign no. 2

What if the burner starts but locks as well as the cad mobile try suspected? This symptom initially suggests that the control did notice high opposition required to starting the burner. However, throughout lock-out time period, it failed to sense the reduced weight about cad cell required to maintain burner running. As previously mentioned past, the regulation must have a maximum of 1600 ohms of effectiveness protect against arbitrary lock-out.

To troubleshoot this dilemma, starting the burner and before the safety lock-out time cycle finishes

disconnect the cad cellular cables from the F-F terminals regarding regulation. After that, jumper the F-F terminals with a bit of line or incorporate a 1500 ohm resistor. This can permit the burner to continue working so you should be able to look at the cad mobile opposition while in the run cycle. Should you decide failed to have the F-F terminals regarding the regulation jumpered ahead of the burner secured out, waiting 3-5 moments before attempting this once again. Making use of the burner working, hook the ohmmeter over the cad cellular leads. Utilize the chart above and the weight your evaluate in the cad mobile to discover the reason as well as the appropriate actions recommended for solving the trouble.

The cad mobile controls system seems is acutely dependable in our market. This brief technical topic should assist you to be a little more knowledgeable about its operation and application. Bear in mind, if it is setup so it can view the fire properly, is actually tightly protected, and it is kept clean, you can expect to have numerous years of uninterrupted solution.

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