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How much does the expression “hook up” imply for your requirements?

How much does the expression “hook up” imply for your requirements?

I’ve seen individuals need that term to imply anything from “meet” to “have sex”, and all things in between. If someone else claims for you “Wanna hook up?” exactly what do you think they’re asking?

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    to indicate it means allows make love often it suggests allows go out; if you ask me it depends on who is saying it

    It familiar with mean “meet”, today this means “have sex”.

    I’m floating around energy and that I understand that growth workers on KC-135 Stratotankers (aerial refueling jets) use the expression “hook right up” to indicate they are planning to join with a trailing aircraft to begin fueling it while they’re aloft.

    Now, regarding really essence of question, if someone askes me personally basically need to ‘hook up’, I’m choosing the idea which they need to go out, have fun, and savor each other people organization. Similar to venturing out on a night out together, partially or totally.

    Completely relies upon the perspective. My friends have tried it both tactics. Such as “lets hook-up this weekend” or “jimmy and I also entirely connected yesterday evening!!”

    It indicates “hang aside” in my opinion whenever a person asks whenever we wish to “hook up”

    If a buddy requires me to “hook up,” it normally suggests meet someplace. If a man exactly who I’m not merely established friend with asks me personally, it probably implies some thing a bit more suggestive. Easily state We “hooked upwards” with someone, I probably signify I made aside using them, possibly a little more, but I separate between “hooking right up” and also having sex with somebody.

    well no less than it is clear I’m perhaps not wrong to believe their definition was ambiguous….

    Today i recently need certainly to determine which meaning a particular person have. 😛

    When it is merely close friends I think ‘let’s meet up and hang out’. In case it is someone I’m interested in, as an instance, it would likely or may not imply getting physical with that person. It can suggest different things, dependent on who you really are these are.

    Really does “hooking up” today always suggest gender?

    We take it to mean sexual intercourse with somebody, normally without chain affixed, yet not fundamentally intercourse itself.

    I imagined it had been intercourse without any chain attached…but I’m older, and could end up being incorrect! ; )

    “Hooking up” in my opinion = one-night stand.

    I accustomed utilize it in order to imply connecting with somebody—meeting somewhere: “Maybe we can connect when we’re both in the town.” My personal sons have already been fixing me personally quite intensely, suggesting that on the younger folks it means casual gender. We dedicated a fairly terrible fake jamais by it within the wrong way before people they know.

    Whenever I was in level class and twelfth grade, “hooking up” usually created “making around.”

    Hooking-up was french making out imo

    Is dependent upon who’s claiming it I guess. Easily comprise to utilize it I would suggest attach in some sexual ways. Something from creating out over making love… No particular indicating in my situation, i simply inquire whenever other people make use of it.

    @krose, do you actually indicate that when anyone utilizes the expression “hook upwards” in your presence, you must inquire whatever suggest by it? Now, that positive noise in my opinion want it beats the intention of creating jargon.

    @jeruba- haha yeah but I am not up on the most recent terms. My buddies see I’m a big loss just who can’t match hours. *edit- I’ll you should be like “Wait… Did you…” and in most cases generate a gesture. 🙂 Next they’ll smile which is my personal answer, or “NOOOO. We just generated out”.

    HOOKING UP…. Hmmmm i nonetheless thought its guys largely asking a lady to hook up meaning they want to hang out and possibly have some fun also…

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